Grow Your Official WeChat Account – 3 Tips

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The key to grow your official WeChat account is a big question. We are always asking: Actually, there are many ways to grow your official WeChat account, but here are three tips to get started.



Tip Number 1: Post your articles outside of WeChat.

To Grow Your Official WeChat Account, Firstly, there are lots of other Chinese social media platforms or forums. For example, Zhihu, Douan, Bili Bili, Weibo. All of these open platforms are great ways to grow your WeChat account.

Importantly, you can share tips across other Chinese social media platforms, which are more open platforms and easier to expose your content to a wider audience and a great way to grow your account.

Tip Number 2: Collaborations.

Secondly, collaborations, collaborations are are a great way to get more followers. That means working with other communities that have a following that’s maybe different or parallel to yours. For example,  KOLs / key influencers are another way to work with other communities or accounts. They’re able to forward your posts very easily through WeChat and it’s a great way to grow.

Tip Number 3: Giveaways

Thirdly, is of course giveaways, people love free things, and giveaways are another great way to get more followers. We’ve seen a lot of growth through our clients’ accounts who make the effort to give some freebies out in exchange for the posts to be shared, and the results I mean it pays to give, what can we say? 

In conclusion, there are many ways to grow your official WeChat account. Contact us for more tips specific to your business. Gab China is a premier marketing firm with our headquarters in Shanghai, China, and we have branch offices in Boston and Playa del Carmen.


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