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Pop culture plays a major role in Chinese marketing. Both traditional and digital sellers use trending idols and topics to engage with their viewers and sell their products. Using pop culture trends gives insight into the younger buyers’ interests. Therefore, designing your next ad campaign using this data will increase responses.


Several blogs post quality, timely content on various aspects of Chinese pop culture. So, these blogs provide new and valuable information on trends. People learning about Chinese pop culture can really get up speed quickly from these blogs. In addition, seasoned marketers can keep up with current trends quickly and easily.

Radii China

Since its founding in 2017, Radii China releases timely articles that focus on different aspects of pop culture in China. The topics range from music and entertainment to lifestyle crazes, social trends, art, and design. In addition, the blog focuses on a wide range of topics with in-depth reporting. This means that readers can grasp trends in China with no prior knowledge. Further, readers will become aware of topics that are important to their Chinese audience.

One example of depth Radii goes into pop culture in China is “Alibaba Launches ‘Metaverse’ For China’s Black Friday.” Even the title alone presents key concepts crucial to life in China.

Alibaba is the most important company for e-commerce in China. Businesses moving into Chinese e-commerce will know their name. The words “Launches Metaverse” show that the piece highlights a new feature on the web. And the “Metaverse” will influence how Chinese users engage with the internet.

Also, the article focuses on where one of the most influential companies in China believes the future is going. Your business can get ahead of the curve by knowing what consumers will want in the future. How? By understanding why Alibaba gives so much value to “Metaverse.”

Lastly is the term “China’s Black Friday.” This is a call to the largest shopping festival in China which takes place annually on 11/11. As a business in China, note this date for future marketing campaigns.

China Internet Watch

China Internet Watch is a website that collects trends in China and reports through a business lens. Focused on trends across many industries these can help you understand the landscape of your industry in China. Therefore, in addition to knowing the broad trends, you can focus on more detailed trends related directly to your business.




For example, “Chinese Generation Z’s Media Consumption Habits” is an in-depth dive into what kinds of media Gen Z consumes Besides media it also details what social media they use.

China Film Insider

ChinaFilmInsider is a blog focusing on the entertainment industry. It shows what’s trending and what new advances are making waves in the industry. For example, “Virtual Insanity, Not: Why Looking at NFTS, Gaming and the Metaverse Makes Sense for Luxury.” This article shows what is trendy on the web.

And “Amid Crackdown on “Excessively Entertaining” Content, Low-Key Programs Could Set the Tone For 2022.” This is an article about lawmaking and its effect on pop culture. Both articles show how Chinese buyers use some products and how Chinese people engage with pop culture.


Chinese TV raises awareness of Chinese culture by building on what is already popular. Especially variety shows. Show judges or contestants are often people of fame in China. TV also models humor and entertainment that Chinese audiences like. Then, you can use this for your base on how your business engages the audience. For example, after reading an article about a well-known actor on Radii China, you watch their show. From this, you learn more about the entertainment that your typical Chinese consumer enjoys.

Below are some platforms to watch newly released Chinese shows for free!

Tencent WeTV

Tencent WeTV is one of the most popular platforms for watching television in China. One recommended show to get you started is 创造营 (Chuang Zao Ying) or Produce Camp. This show focuses on creating the next big music group of China. As in the article “Chinese Generation Z’s Media Consumption,” music is one of Gen Z’s most consumed media.



Shows like Produce Camp introduce viewers to new music, popular artists in China, as well as other famous content producers. For example, one of the most popular members of Produce Camp 2021 is Han Peiquan. A famous internet celebrity on China’s TikTok, Douyin. From watching this show, viewers find what kind of content is attractive and popular to Chinese consumers. Also, what social media platforms that your business should market on, such as Douyin.

Yet another example is one of the Produce Camp judges, Ning Jing. Ning Jing has had a long career in China as an actor. But more recently, she was on a show called Sisters Who Make Waves. This popular show debuted in 2020. And it features famous female artists over 30 years old who compete to be in the final women’s performance group.



Sisters Who Make Waves placed at the front older women, rather than the usual youthful female artists. But the show valued their maturity and experience and encouraged them to embrace their age. Because of the originality of the premise, the show was popular on Chinese social media and trended on many forums.

This show reveals China’s shift from chasing youth to embracing older beauty and natural aging. Maturing is natural and older women are valuable and beautiful, as well. Building on this idea in an ad campaign will resonate with older viewers and women overall even more.

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iQiyi, another streaming platform, is a competitor of Chuang Zao Ying. They produce shows and television with its own original content. The show called 青春有你 (Qing Chun You Ni), or Youth With You is a competing show. Yet another platform to find out what is popular in China in real time.




Statista is a site that keeps statistical information and can answer most questions that an individual could ask. The site offers important insight into consumer spending. Such as:

Which platforms are the most popular in China.

How much money consumers spend on each platform.

Which celebrities are most popular on Douyin.

Note: Statista does not always document its source. Therefore, users should always check their results.


At first glance, staying on top of trends shows what the typical Chinese consumer is engaged in or interested in. On the other hand, it can drive how marketing specifically targets the audience by understanding the modern cultural landscape. In looking to bring ideas to life, reach out to Gab China for any of your marketing needs.

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