2022 Chinese Social Media Guide

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The sheer size of the Chinese market makes marketers see dollar signs.  There are literally billions of users on each social media platform, many ripe for the picking.  As a result, companies that crack the code to break into the Chinese market are successful: really successful.  

But this comes at the cost of learning each social media platform’s unique benefits and potential drawbacks.  China has blocked all popular American websites: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and many more.  So you have to modify your digital marketing plan for each online community.  Therefore, success in Chinese social media is crucial for:  

• Getting your business up and running in China

• Maintaining a high growth rate

• Engaging loyal followers, and

• Reaching new customers.

This article will walk you through the ins and outs of the most popular Chinese social media digital platforms.

Current Trend in Influence

Some Chinese social media platforms make it easy for ordinary users to become an influencer.  This is someone who leverages their 自媒体 or “self [made] social media” to reach others. Consequently, these influencers are often part of the most effective ad campaigns in China.  Campaigns which reach demographics across all ages and incomes.  We will examine the platforms that best let you use this strategy.

A current trend is merging social media with e-commerce.  Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) have long used social media platforms to reach their audiences. Marketers found they could leverage this reach to market their product or service.  And most importantly, now it is easier for consumers to purchase directly from the social media app itself.  This has streamlined the purchase, so users don’t lose interest by having to click external links.  You will see how Chinese social media sites were quick to integrate e-comm into their platforms.  For instance, some businesses see immediate return rates after getting a social media post live.

Who are Influencers?

KOLs have more sway in their niche than influencers: almost reaching celebrity status.  This is because they specialize in one industry and enjoy the reputation of being a subject matter expert. Influencers, by contrast, are more focused on expanding their audience base within their chosen social media platform.  One of the fastest ways to grow your business in the digital market is by getting in a KOL’s post.  But that is usually costly as well.  So we will breakdown how to invest in a KOL, which social media channel to use, and whether you need to consider building your own KOL.  Building a KOL can make a decisive impact on your business in 2021 and beyond.

The Chinese economy is already bouncing back after Covid-19.  In this case it is seeing a surge in digital media trends. New strategies are offsetting losses suffered during the lockdown. GAB China is a leading social media marketing agency in China. And our digital marketing experts have ranked the top social media platforms for 2021.  This detailed article is your first step to picking the correct social media platform for your specific needs.  Above all, we will show you how to brand yourself on each platform.

Top Social Media Platforms of 2021

1. WeChat — The Ultimate Chinese Super-App

2. Weibo — Daily Blogging for Everyone

3. RED — Sharing the Best in the World

4. Bilibili — A One-Stop Video Shop

5. QQ — A Different Demographic

6. Douyin — Bite-Sized Power

7. Zhihu — The Answer You’re Looking For

8. Dazhong Dianping — New Experiences Every Day

9. Toutiao — All You Need to Know

10. Tencent Video — Your Favorite TV Channel

1. WeChat — The Ultimate Chinese Super-App

What is WeChat?

Sometimes called the “Facebook of China” WeChat is more than a social media platform. So much more that it would be far more accurate to call WeChat the “Facebook / Tinder / News / Pinterest / Arcade / Uber / DoorDash of China

Designed as a Super App it offers a broad suite of functions from:

• Communicating with friends and family,

• Transferring money,

• Paying bills,

• Hailing a ride,

• Meeting up with locals,

• Reading news and magazines,

• to much more.

The easy-to-use QR code system allows transactions, friend requests, and information shares to be quick and seamless.  Consequently, WeChat is the app that users can’t and won’t live without.

In addition to the personal features WeChat (Chinese Social Media) also offers a number of functions that a business can use. These include:

• Subscription Accounts,

• Service Accounts,

• Mini Programs,

• Stores,

• Stickers,

• and many other service options.

There are over 2 billion WeChat users worldwide and over 1 billion active users in China each month. So let’s dive into how each of these functions can help boost your business.

Subscription Accounts

  • Organizations can send brief messages and articles similar to newspaper and magazine articles.
  • Also, they can send newsletters on a daily basis.
  • Features are customized to your needs such as:

⇒ Direct access to a WeChat Store,

⇒ Coupons,

⇒ Loyalty Programs,

⇒ or more.

  • Users then have a file of all businesses they follow in a list of folders and your messages go into this folder.



Service Accounts

  • Registered companies reach more users more directly using a Service Account than a Subscription Account.
  • Updates show up like a friend message – instead of buried in the folders file.
  • Messages have priority and get right in front of the users.
  • Additionally, service Accounts have customized features as well.



Mini Programs

  • Mini Programs are apps that run inside the WeChat app itself.
  • There are over 200 million Mini Programs. So, WeChat users are able to perform many tasks, such as:

  ⇒ E-commerce,

  ⇒ Games,

  ⇒ Productivity,

  ⇒ Reading,

  ⇒ and so much more — without ever leaving the WeChat app.



WeChat Store

● Since the average user spends so much time on WeChat, creating a virtual store is a great way to expand your e-commerce reach.

● We recommend you design your WeChat Store to work hand-inhand with both your Subscription and Service Accounts, like this:

1. First you will post a blog or send a message.

2. Then with one click, the reader goes directly to your WeChat store.

● Once there, they can purchase your product or service immediately after learning about it.


  • Stickers are a fun way for WeChat users to express themselves without using words. And you know users love to have fun with stickers.
  • Your company can use its mascot or slogan and create stickers.  Besides, this will keep your brand influential and relevant on a smaller, but more regular basis.



WeChat Channels

● WeChat Channels is a new feature that allows everyday users, KOLs, and brands to create and post short-form content. This is similar to the popular short-video platforms Douyin (TikTok) and Kuaishou.

● This is a great way for brands to interact on a less formal, but more frequent basis with its users.

● Short video platforms are already very popular, and WeChat has this feature built right in. So now users can link directly from your content to your company’s:

  ⇒ Subscription Account,

  ⇒ Service Account, or

  ⇒ WeChat Store.

You can learn more about WeChat Channels here.

The Numbers

  • Launched: 2013
  • Monthly active users: 1.225 billion (Q4, 2020)
  • Total active users: 1.213 billion (January 2021)
  • Demographics among users aged 16-64 (2020):

○ 54.6% male

○ 45.4% female

  • Average hours spent in app per month: 29.2 (2020)
  • Top Social Media and Streaming Video Apps ranking: 1 – social media (2020)
  • Leading Apps by MAU ranking: 1 (2020)

How WeChat Can Help You:

WeChat Moments Advertising

  • Similar to your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed, WeChat uses a Moments feed.  This allows you to use a Moments post for an ad that reaches a wide demographic of WeChat users.

WeChat Official Accounts Advertising

  • Ads, placed anywhere within an article, can be text, images, or video. They can promote any event or online/offline store. They can also redirect users to a promotion, product information, or other link.

WeChat Mini Program Advertising

  • WeChat Mini Programs use Banners and Pop-Up ads. They can be video, audio, or in horizontal or vertical format.

Check out our article describing advertising on WeChat in further depth here.

2. Sina Weibo — Daily Blogging for Everyone

What is Weibo?

On WeChat, users can see what their close friends are up to in the Moments feed.  But, on Weibo, users can keep up with their favorite celebrities, KOLs, fan accounts, theme accounts, and more.  Weibo, dubbed the “Twitter of China,” allows users to share text longer than 140 characters with more than just 4 pictures.  Weibo users can share pictures or short videos that disappear after 24 hours.  This is in the same vein as the popular “Stories” functions that Western social media channels offer.



Weibo’s influence reaches far past simply interacting with your favorite accounts, “plogs” (photo blogs) or wordy posts.  It offers a “Hot Search” ranking that displays the most trendy topics.  Hot Search keeps users in the loop even when they aren’t actively following the latest news. The younger generation are some of China’s biggest spenders.  For this reason Weibo is the perfect platform for high levels of communication exposure to this demographic.  Because of this, many advertisers prioritize their brand’s reputation, interactions, and relevancy on Weibo.

The Numbers

  • Launched: 2009
  • Monthly active users: 511 million (Q3, 2020)
  • Total active users: 511 million (January 2021)
  • Demographics among users aged 16-64 (2020):

○ 53.4% male

○ 46.6% female

  • Age breakdown (2018):

○ 16-17: 6%

○ 18-22: 35%

○ 23-30: 40%

○ 31-40: 14%

○ 41+: 5%

  • Average hours spent in app per month: 3.8 (2020)
  • Top Social Media and Streaming Video Apps ranking: 5 – social media (2020)
  • Leading Apps by MAU ranking: 11 (2020)

How Weibo Can Help You


  • Weibo displays ads between posts on every user’s feed, and in between Stories. First, the opening screen shows users an ad when they tap into the app.  Then Weibo Search function also shows an ad upon the users’ tap.
  • Fan Headlines — also known as Fan Tunnels and Fanstop — allow brands to promote their posts to users who follow similar or related accounts. This allows brands to reach a wider audience that is still within their unique target demographic.




  • Weibo is a great platform to develop your brand’s image and voice. With attention to interacting with customers and sharing everyday content, Weibo encourages short — but more frequent updates. This makes it less formal  than a full length message in your WeChat Service or Subscription Accounts.

3. RED — Sharing the Best in the World

What is RED (aka Little Red Book)?

RED is a blogging platform, similar to Weibo, that focuses on lifestyle content: fashion, beauty, food, and travel. On RED, you’ll find aesthetically pleasing images and videos that showcase a user’s favorite:

● Luxurious skincare products,

● Delicious food from worldwide travels,

● Expert job interview tips,

● Inspiring exercise routines,

● and much more.

Accordingly, RED is where many internet sensation destinations are born.  A single post from an influential user can result in thousands of people flocking to a new shoe store or a quirky coffee shop.

Founded in 2013, RED quickly became a leader in sharing lifestyle content. Its large demographic pools extend across income levels, education experience, or hobbies and interests. For example, If your target client is a young female who lives or aspires to live an active and adventurous lifestyle then mastering RED Chinese Social Media is essential to your business.

The Numbers

  • Launched: 2013
  • Monthly active users: 12.3368 million (March 2020)
  • Total active users: 300 million (July 2019)
  • Demographics among users aged 16-64 (2020):

○ 22.56% male

○ 77.44% female

  • Age breakdown (2020):

○ <24: 31.095%

○ 25-30: 30.07%

○ 31-35: 21.9%

○ 36-40: 12.11%

○ 41+: 3.82%

  • Monthly income statistics (2020):

○ <3,000 RMB: 39.89%

○ 3,000-5,000 RMB: 23.82%

○ 5,000-10,000 RMB: 23.07%

○ 10,000-20,000 RMB: 9.06%

○ 20,000+ RMB: 4.16%

  • Leading Apps by MAU ranking: 27 (2020)

How RED Can Help You

Online and Offline



  • In today’s digital age, consumers love sharing photos. 
    Especially those showing cute backdrops and props, or of a unique food or beverage. Designing your retail store to be worthy of a photo-op is a major key to unlocking RED’s potential.
  • For online stores, RED quickly adopted virtual shopping in the app.  This allows users to purchase directly within RED, minimizing the need to bookmark a product for purchase later. Additionally, the platform runs RED-Exclusive discounts and promotions to further entice users. 
  • Live-streaming is a popular marketing strategy on RED.  You might invest in a KOL who will share your product with their audience in real time for maximum impact. Above all, fans and followers love interacting with their favorite KOLs through live-streams.  This is a great way to share your business with a large, but relevant, audience.



  • RED’s homepage is essentially an explore page promoting new posts based on what the user typically looks at and who they follow.  This makes it easy for relevant users to discover your business’ content. Also, users follow accounts that they are interested in keeping up with.
  • A significant number of RED users have spent or are currently spending time studying or working abroad. This gives the platform a unique international reach. With its micro-blogging and recommendation-based interface, users browse, find, and recommend popular content no matter where they are in the world.



4. Bilibili — A One-Stop Video Shop

What is Bilibili?

Bilibili is one of the most popular video platforms in China. While its core focus is games and animation, there is something for everybody. Bilibili is the leader in video sharing and live broadcast. Unlike Tencent, Youku, and iQiYi, Bilibili gives everyone with a phone the opportunity to create and share content.



Bilibili is the “YouTube of China.”  Whereas, the other popular social media channels dominate in images and short videos. Your best bet is Bilibili for a loyal user base that is open to interacting with longer-form content.

The Numbers

  • Launched: 2010
  • Monthly active users: 202 million (Q4, 2020)
  • Total active users: 172 million (Q1, 2020)
  • Daily active users: 54 million (Q4, 2020)
  • Demographics among users aged 16-64 (2020):

○ 48% male

○ 52% female

  • Age breakdown:

○ <25: 90%

○ Average age: 21

  • Average hours spent in app per month: 9.3 (2020)
  • Top Social Media and Streaming Video Apps ranking: 4 – video streaming (2020)
  • Leading Apps by MAU ranking: 36 (2020)

How Bilibili Can Help You

Content Sharing

  • While other platforms have the capacity for long-form videos, users tend to share shorterform content on them. This has made Bilibili the go-to platform when it comes to longer videos: those over ten minutes in length.
  • You may want to work with a KOL with a powerful Bilibili presence. Bilibili influencers may have fewer followers compared to their Douyin and Weibo counterparts. However, their followers are usually more loyal and willing to trust the KOL’s recommendations.

5. QQ — A Different Demographic

In the 90s, QQ was the most popular social messaging platform. Now it’s the 3rd most popular Chinese social media channel. In addition to voice, video, and text messaging, QQ users can:

  • Make new friends,
  • Play games,
  • Listen to music,
  • Shop, and
  • Micro-blog.

Within QQ, the user demographic is not as all-encompassing as WeChat and Weibo. However, QQ is especially popular among users 16-26 years of age with less education and lower income. They are looking to try something new and are open to communicating with strangers.

The rise of WeChat contributed to QQ’s decline.  This mirrors Yahoo!’s downfall when Google and other social media platforms hit the scene in the early 2000s. Still fighting to stay alive, QQ has rebranded itself into a one-stop “entertainment portal.” On the bright side, they now support functions beyond text messaging such as: 

  • Chatting,
  • Gaming,
  • Literature,
  • Live streaming,
  • and more.

This gives users the ability to communicate with and make new friends in interest-specific groups.

One of QQ’s most important strategies is targeting younger audiences.  Particularly, since WeChat is an essential part of everyday life in China, older generations are starting to use it. With the older generations using WeChat, younger generations are looking for a place to call their own. Younger users see QQ as a platform solely for socializing with friends: without worrying about whether certain relatives can see their posts. On WeChat there is an unwritten rule requiring users to add family members out of courtesy.  Considering QQ the “SnapChat of China,” younger users have more freedom to post what they please and with whom they wish.

The Numbers

  • Launched: 1999
  • Monthly active users: 594.9 million (2020)
  • Total active users: 617 million (January 2021)
  • Average hours spent in app per month: 6.8 (2020)
  • Top Social Media and Streaming Video Apps ranking: 3 – social media (2020)
  • Leading Apps by MAU ranking: 4 (2020)
  • 60% of users were born after 1990

How QQ Can Help You

Your Target Demographic

  • A lot of marketing today targets perceived big spenders: the young and wealthy demographic. However, for products or services designed for young, lower-income consumers, QQ is a powerful marketing tool. This is because its users are loyal to the platform and may spend more time on it than any other app.

6. Douyin — Bite-Sized Power

What is Douyin?

Douyin has a unique algorithm and endless supply of content.  This has led to it being the fastest-growing short video platform since its release in 2016.  On Douyin, average users can attain broad recognition and reach influencer status.  Effectively, there are millions of content creators from a wide range of socio/economic backgrounds.   Douyin has cultivated millions of loyal followers. More recently, Douyin’s American version (TikTok) has also inspired copycats on nearly every other Western social media platform.  

Since Douyin is only available in China it doesn’t have the same international reach as WeChat and Weibo.  Accordingly, Douyin’s parent company ByteDance, says it has “established itself as the largest knowledge, culture, and art platform in China.” You’ll typically find content such as:

  • Dance challenges,
  • Song covers,
  • Short skits,
  • Educational summaries, and
  • Life hacks.

Then the algorithm quickly learns the users’ personal preferences and suggests content they’re most likely to enjoy.

Douyin Today 

In June of 2020, Douyin began prioritizing e-commerce on the platform. Then by October 2020 it had stopped supporting product links from third parties. Links now only direct users to purchase from Douyin’s own e-commerce storefront. In January 2021, Douyin launched a new payment service called Douyin Pay. This made it even easier for users to purchase within the app. Popular KOLs and leading brands, like Make Up For Ever and MAC, get more traffic directed to their Douyin Stores. This is because the brands began hosting livestreams for sharing their products. When it comes to creating unique, visual content around your product or service, Douyin is an essential platform for advertising.

It can be difficult to fully master the Douyin algorithm, but once you do, the hard work definitely pays off. The effort leads to reaching Douyin’s younger generations through specialized marketing and advertising strategies.  After all, the result is extremely impactful and with high growth rates and strong sales numbers.

The Numbers

  • Launched: 2016
  • Monthly active users: 514.45 million (December 2020)
  • Total active users: 600 million (January 2021)
  • Daily active users: 600 million (August 2020)
  • Age breakdown (2020):

○ <20: 13.7%

○ 21-30: 35%

○ 31-40: 29.6%

○ 41-50: 18.5%

  • Average hours spent in app per month: 23.1 (2020)
  • Top Social Media and Streaming Video Apps ranking: 2 – social media (2020)
  • Leading Apps by MAU ranking: 5 (2020)

How Douyin Can Help You




  • By using crowd attribute tags, interests, and scenes, ads on Douyin can reach a wide and relevant audience. These ads display as static images, moving images, or audio/visual depending on your needs. Ads pop-up upon entering the app, and as short videos play in between the videos on users’ feeds.
  • Douyin challenges are extremely popular when done right. Using easy-to-learn dance moves coupled with a popular song it’s a fun and unique way to achieve brand exposure and spread a message.
  • Creating an Effect or sharing your copyrighted music is the best way for users to personally interact with your business on Douyin.  As a result, when the content is trend-worthy and gets more users to want to use it, it  spreads like wildfire.
  • The authentication service gives you access to exclusive rights and privileges. These services include:

  ⇒ User management,

  ⇒ Data analysis, and

  ⇒ Marketing conversion.

  • This help your business achieve its fullest potential on the platform.
  • Douyin creators also have access to DOU+.  The DOU+ tool helps your content generate more views and engagement by allowing the creator to specify their target audience.   This is more effective than posting a video and waiting for the algorithm to pick it up




  • Through its own e-commerce options, Douyin is following other platforms’ footsteps in allowing its users to purchase directly within the app.   In particular this allows customers to purchase a product or service immediately after learning about it from content on Douyin.
  • As we’ve seen above, live streaming is extremely popular. Some creators sign deals to live stream exclusively on Douyin. Creators with a majority of their fans on Douyin may spend a lot of time live streaming and interacting with their audience. In fact, in some cases, multiple times a day.
  • During live streams, creators typically share products.  They also offer their followers a discount.  Pop-up images simultaneously link viewers to the Douyin e-commerce page for direct purchase. 

7. Zhihu — The Answer You’re Looking For

What is Zhihu?

Dubbed the “Quora of China,” Zhihu is the best resource for asking questions and getting a wide range of answers. Answers come from strangers who may be experts in the field, or just people looking to share their opinion. As a public forum, you’ll find a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Entertainment,
  • Personal and professional growth,
  • Economics, and
  • Education.

Users’ questions range from “What is the grossest thing you’ve ever seen?” to “What is the public’s opinion on this person?” to “How do I solve this math equation?” Despite the wide range of users and content, Zhihu is largely a high-quality and reliable source of information.

Unlike Quora, Zhihu users have a much larger word limit of five thousand words, allowing them to ask more in-depth questions and respond with greater detail. Users can also attach visuals such as graphs, screenshots, and videos to provide context to their questions and support for their answers.



The Numbers

  • Launched: 2011
  • Monthly active users: 75.7 million (December 2020)
  • Registered users: 220 million (2018-2019)
  • Content creators: 43.1 million (December 2020)
  • According to a 2017 iResearch report, over 80% of Zhihu users have a Bachelor’s degree or above, with 30% of users earning an income of over 10,000 RMB per month.
  • Leading Apps by MAU Ranking: 158 (2020)

How Zhihu (Chinese Social Media ) Can Help You

Sharing Information

  • Through articles and Q&A posts, businesses can interact with consumers on a more intimate level. Instead of scouring the internet’s vast search results for an answer, audience members can ask questions directly to the business itself on its Zhihu page.
  • Your business’ Zhihu page will attract more visitors for the answers they seek as your content grows. Full commitment to building your Zhihu page delivers results in the form of long-term trust among users and strong brand reputation.



  • Conversely, you can also ask users questions about their personal experience to gain specific insight and data.
  • Zhihu “influencers” are the platform’s Top Contributors. They may actually have little social media presence outside of Zhihu. If you are looking to grow your Zhihu page, you may wish to collaborate with a Top Contributor instead of a KOL.
  • Like Weibo, Zhihu has a Hot List that ranks the most popular topics of the day. This allows users to keep up with the latest news without having to actively seek it out themselves.


  • Similar to RED, Zhihu users can follow certain accounts that they are interested in. The main screen is an explore page, recommending posts and articles that may be of interest to the user.



8. Dazhong Dianping — New Experiences Every Day

What is Dazhong Dianping?

Much like Yelp, Dazhong Dianping puts greater emphasis on social sharing.  This makes it China’s leading resource for:

  • Discovering new restaurants,
  • Finding cute cafes,
  • Uncovering scenic vacation destinations,
  • and so much more.

Dianping is known as “the most influential social media platform for the food and beverage industry.” But it now penetrates deep into the travel and entertainment industries as well.



On Dianping, users can discover local shops or events and read reviews from those who have had the experience. Users can also make and share lists about the best food to eat or things to do in different cities. This makes travel a more seamless experience for first-timers. A lot of internet frenzied experiences are born on Dianping. A favorite KOL on RED might entice users to try a new restaurant. But the good reviews from thousands of users on Dianping will likely draw more customers.

As older generations are less likely to be loyal followers of KOLs, it remains that an abundance of good reviews continues to be the most timeless marketing technique for any audience. As such, investing in your Dianping presence is extremely important, particularly if you have an offline business.

The Numbers

  • Launched: 2003
  • Monthly active users: 340 million (September 2018)
  • Merchants: 4.7 million (September 2018)
  • Leading Apps by MAU ranking: 144 (2020)

How Dazhong Dianping Can Help You

Advertising and Reach

  • It is important that businesses appear professional at every interaction. With this in mind, it is critical that you keep your Dianping profile current. Users are more likely to frequent a business that shares its:

 ⇒ Location,

 ⇒ Hours of operation,

 ⇒ Services, etc.

Traditionally, group buying is an activity led by a local store owner or stay-at-home mom. The leader organizes a group of local neighbors to purchase items in bulk. This allows all the participants in the group access to greater discounts and better deals. Now online, Dazhong Dianping’s version of this is a virtual group. Virtual group buying is a fast way to display products and reach a wide audience in a short amount of time. This is particularly effective in lower-tiered cities where there are less brick and mortar grocers and greater trust between neighbors. Dazhong Dianping organizes community members and provides greater convenience in participating in group buying.



  • Flash payments allow customers to quickly purchase products and services within the Dianping app.
  • Businesses often offer first-time discounts or bundle deals, exclusive to Dazhong Dianping, which is a great way to attract new customers.

9. Toutiao – All You Need to Know

What is Toutiao?

Toutiao, also known as Jinri Toutiao (“Today’s Headline”) is a top-ranking news distribution platform (Chinese Social Media). It enjoys over 1.8 million creators who generate content covering a wide array of topics and industries. With AI power similar to Douyin, Toutiao recommends videos and articles based on each users’ preferences. The most read articles are typically in these categories:

  • Film,
  • Television,
  • Gaming,
  • Sports, and
  • Financial.

Gradually consumption of real estate and travel related articles have shown to grow increasingly fast as well.



The Numbers

  • Launched: 2012
  • Monthly active users: 341.86 million (November 2020)
  • Total active users: 600+ million (July 2018)
  • Average usage time: 73 minutes
  • Leading Apps by MAU ranking: 15 (2020)

How Toutiao (Chinese Social Media ) Can Help You

Digital Advertising

  • Besides news, you can also find:

 ⇒ Articles,

  ⇒ “Listicles,” and

  ⇒ Opinion posts.

Like those items found on American media platforms like Medium and Buzzfeed. By sharing reliable, well thought out editorial content, you can boost your brand’s image and trustworthiness.

  • Most of China’s social media platforms cater to the younger generations.  Toutiao is able to reach that age group and beyond: with the bulk of its users are in their thirties, forties, and fifties. Therefore if your target audience is within this broad age range, Toutiao is a wonderful platform to consider advertising your products or services on.
  • Toutiao uses its own data insight algorithm to target users. This means that users receive relevant information more efficiently. Users discover businesses more quickly and vice versa.

10. Tencent Video — Your Favorite TV Channel

What is Tencent Video?

Tencent Video is China’s largest, most diversified and far-reaching video platforms. They are the leader of video streaming apps with nearly one billion total users enjoying its content. Content that includes:

  • Children’s TV shows like Peppa Pig.
  • Reality competition shows and sitcoms that are popular with teens and young adults.
  • Historical and modern dramas preferred by older audiences.

Tencent Video produces and distributes Chinese content in all genres, suitable for all age groups. Coupled with an exclusive partnership with HBO China, they are the sole official distributor of a rich lineup of popular American television series.     


The Numbers

  • Launched: 2011
  • Monthly active users: 528.11 million (November 2020)
  • Total paid subscriptions: 112 million (June 2020)
  • Total users: 900 million (March 2021)
  • According to a 2019 Tencent report, the average user is under 29 years of age with at least a Bachelor’s degree and living in a tier three city.
  • Average hours spent in app per month: 8 (2020)
  • Top Social Media and Streaming Video Apps ranking: 1 – video streaming (2020)
  • Leading Apps by MAU ranking: 8 (2020)

How Tencent Video (Chinese Social Media) Can Help You

Target Audience

  • As described above, Tencent Video offers an extensive library of video content. There is something for everyone, so no matter what your target demographic is, they are bound to be streaming a video on Tencent Video. You may find it more efficient to begin advertising on Tencent Video before diving deep into the other platforms. This will let you carve out your own niche and begin to cultivate your audience on Weibo and RED.
  • Not only is Tencent Video popular within China, it is also popular with Chinese people abroad, and with foreigners interested in Chinese media. If any of these are part of your target audience, Tencent Video is another best bet.
  • Ads in Tencent Video appear differently depending on your business’ content. It could appear either as a:

⇒ “Splash Screen” — which appears as soon as the app is opened,

⇒ “Pre-Roll” — the short commercial before the selected

⇒ “Linked image” within the app’s contents.

So, do you have to use Social Media Marketing to be successful?

Social media dominates the day-to-day lives of a majority of the world’s population.  China’s economy is no stranger to the powerful influence of a strong social media strategy.  The average Chinese citizen has all these apps downloaded on their own devices.   Beyond that they are active users on at least half of the list.

Is it absolutely necessary for you to have a firm grasp of each of China’s social media


No. But if you want to leverage the power of social media marketing in China then you need to invest in learning it or outsourcing it. We can almost guarantee that without using social media in your marketing strategy that your company will not thrive, and may not survive.

With almost a decade of navigating and excelling in China’s ever-expanding social media channels, GAB China has:

  • Amassed invaluable hands-on experience,
  • Developed unique strategies,
  • Built a powerful skill set, and
  • Developed client-focused values that you can trust.

We want to be your partner in your China Social Media Marketing.

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