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WeChat marketing is your golden ticket to reaching out to your audience and bolstering your brand presence in China. As a multifunctional platform, WeChat does not confine itself to just messaging. Instead, it serves as a lifestyle companion, enabling its users to purchase goods, services, and stay updated with news.

Leveraging WeChat marketing, particularly the popular WeChat articles feature, can catapult your brand to new heights. It’s a quick, user-friendly, and handy feature for users to catch up on the latest updates from the accounts they follow.

WeChat Marketing Through Articles

WeChat marketing through articles is an indispensable tool for your brand’s promotional campaigns in China. Articles that offer value captivate users, who are likely to read, engage with, and even share them. Regularly posting WeChat articles reinforces trust and serves as a reminder of your brand’s active presence.

Regularly posting WeChat articles reinforces trust with existing and prospective customers, and serves as a reminder of your brand’s active presence. The articles can be tailored creatively to mirror your brand image, and can feature videos, images, and GIFs to increase interactivity.

However, the WeChat marketing landscape is fiercely competitive. To make your article stand out and garner clicks, strategic planning in its presentation is paramount. This guide will walk you through how to create captivating WeChat articles, and tips to know the content that keeps your audience engaged.

Understanding WeChat Marketing Article Accounts WeChat marketing article accounts come in two types, and depending on the one you opt for, your posts will appear in different locations:

WeChat Marketing Accounts for Business

When it comes to publishing WeChat article blog posts, they can appear to users in either two places (this depends on the type of account you have registered for):

Service Official Account



Blog posts will appear within the Chats tab, similar to receiving a new message from another user. Because of this, service accounts receive higher open rates compared to subscription accounts and receive higher engagement. However, service accounts are limited to four broadcasts per month. Service accounts are usually the selection of choice for brands, and generally what we recommend for our clients.

Each broadcast can have between one to eight articles, with one main article followed by sub-articles underneath. As a result, brands must use these broadcasts strategically. This account is recommended for brands looking to announce special collaborations, sales, discounts, events, and so on.

Visit www.mp.weixin.qq.com to register for your official account.

Subscription Official Account



WeChat articles will appear in the Subscriptions folder. Within the Chats tab, users must then click on the Subscriptions tab in order to view and read the latest blog posts from followed accounts. Subscription accounts allow you to post as many blog posts as you would like. If you plan on posting regular blog posts, news or announcements, then we would recommend registering for this account.

WeChat Marketing Article Design

After registering for your chosen account, the next step in your WeChat marketing strategy is to design your article professionally, in line with your brand image. Third-party services like Xiumi offer customizable WeChat article templates.

Designing WeChat articles can be very time consuming, especially if you are new to web design. Gab China’s team has years of experience designing WeChat articles for international brands with high-expectations on quality. For help, contact us here.

Before you start designing, consider the article’s objective and what you hope to achieve. Incorporate relevant information and interactive elements that retain your followers’ attention and keeps them engaged.

What are some key tips that you should be cognisant of when designing an article that’s worth opening?

I. Craft a Compelling Title and Thumbnail for Effective WeChat Marketing

Despite having great content and beautiful visuals, your article won’t hit the mark without a catchy title and thumbnail. In today’s digital world, users are flooded with options, so they’re choosy about what they spend time reading.

In WeChat marketing, articles are presented with a standout thumbnail, title, and description. This is your first contact with your audience, so your brand must make a good first impression. For the best results, pick a thumbnail that’s simple, clear, and fits your topic.

Crafting the right title for your article takes careful thought. Keep it short and clear, using words that speak to your target audience. For example, a nightlife brand might find that very formal language doesn’t match their audience’s vibe.

To spark interest, use exciting phrases in your title. If your article is a guide or tutorial, begin with ‘How to’. This makes what the article is about clear right away.

Stay away from clickbait titles. They might give your article’s open rates a quick boost, but they can let readers down if the content doesn’t live up to their hopes. The trust lost by misleading titles can harm future engagement.

These tips aren’t just for your title, they apply to your description too. While the description can give more detail about the article’s content, it should start with a strong first sentence. This sets the mood and starts your WeChat marketing article on the right foot.

II. Know Your Audience

This might be an obvious tip, but it’s often overlooked by copywriters.

Who is your target audience? If you are targeting Chinese consumers, then it is pivotal that your articles are written in Chinese by a native Chinese speaker.

Why do your followers read your articles? And what do they hope to gain from reading your articles? You may notice that certain articles receive more attention than others. If followers are more receptive to articles that are informative or offer valuable insight, then you’ll want to continue posting articles that caters to your follower’s reading preferences.

That being said, you should also make the conscious effort to diversify your content. Your brand should post a balanced mixture of blog posts, competitions, and exclusive announcements.

III. Is Your Article Presentable?

Firstly, small details can greatly boost the look and success of your article.

Even though third-party tools can help brands be more creative, don’t overdo it. Your WeChat article should be simple, neat, nice to look at, and easy to read. This includes making sure your text is clear and big enough.

Mix up your articles by adding different media. WeChat lets brands use images, videos, GIFs, and WeChat Mini Program links. Use these! They break up the text and keep the article from getting boring. Plus, they let you show more of your brand.

End your article with a clear call to action. Your article should have a goal. If you want readers to visit your website, add a QR code they can scan.

IV. WeChat Marketing Experts, GAB China

In conclusion, WeChat marketing provides a unique and strong way for brands to reach their audience in China. By using the platform’s features for articles, companies can create content that hits home with their target audience and boosts brand recognition. By getting to grips with the different types of WeChat article accounts, designing titles and thumbnails that grab attention, understanding your audience, and making sure your article looks good and holds interest, you can fine-tune your WeChat marketing approach for the greatest effect.

That said, getting your head around the ins and outs of WeChat marketing can be tough, especially for businesses that are new to the platform or the Chinese market. This is where GAB comes into the picture. As a top-notch agency with lots of experience in WeChat marketing, GAB has a team of professionals who assist international brands to succeed on WeChat. We can help you put together WeChat articles that will grab your target audience and keep them engaged with your brand. Simply put, we are the best at what we do.

With our expert advice, you can tweak your WeChat marketing approach, using the platform’s special features to effectively reach and connect with your Chinese audience.

If you need a hand designing WeChat articles for your brand, reach out to Gab China for a free consultation. We’re here to help you make the most of your WeChat marketing effort.

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