Enable Comments on Your WeChat Account, Sorry…

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Did you notice that some official WeChat accounts have comments and others don’t?

In 2018, the Chinese government asked Tencent to stop allowing comments on official WeChat accounts. Read more about the ban in this SCMP article by clicking here.

Sorry, you can’t enable comments on your Official WeChat account…

We guess that the WeChat post comments were disabled on new accounts because it is challenging to monitor comments on official WeChat accounts, so the authorities asked Tencent to stop allowing them. Perhaps if Tencent creates a new comment monitoring system, it will be activated again. There is no way to enable comments on your official account if you registered later than 2018.

However, not all hope is lost. Suppose you are registering a new official account and want comments. All you have to do is purchase an older Official WeChat Account, that is looking to sell. Believe it or not, buying and selling WeChat accounts is a regular trade.

If you need help purchasing an official WeChat account that already has the comments function activated, send us a message. 

What does a WeChat official account without comments look like?



The screenshot above is of the British Council’s Official WeChat Account, which was established in 2020. As you can see, there is no option for a user to comment on the post.

What does an official WeChat account with comments look like?



The screenshot above is taken from KFC’s Official WeChat Account. As you can see there are many, many comments. Did you know that China is KFC’s most popular market?

If you have any questions about registering an official WeChat account, reach out to us: gab@gab-china.com

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