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Join our CEO, Gabby Gabriel, as she leads a training about WeChat Marketing (with business strategy) in partnership with the European Chamber of Commerce in China. This session will be a high-level strategic approach to using WeChat, zooming out to understand the role it can play not just in marketing but in a brand’s overall China business strategy.

Date: October 13, Time: 14:00 – 17:00 China time

Sign up via the link: https://www.europeanchamber.com.cn/en/upcoming-events/20640/_Online_Training_WeChat_Marketing_With_Business_Strategy_English_Language_

The three hour course outline:
1. The functions of WeChat that every business director needs to understand
2. WeChat: 2021 Trends and the direction Tencent is taking the platform
3. WeChat Best Practices: B2C
4. WeChat Best Practices: B2B
5. Mistakes that brands make on WeChat
6. Roles WeChat can play in your overall China Strategy
7. WeChat Advertising Explained
8. Managing Your WeChat Team: questions to ask, and ways to evaluate performance
9. WeChat Analytics: retaining, and tracking

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WeChat, an essential tool for your China business. But how do you know if your organization is making the most use of all that it can offer? This session provides a high-level strategic approach to WeChat, zooming out to understand the role it can play not just in marketing but in your China business strategy. This session is for international executives and directors who wish to strengthen their understanding of China’s most powerful platform to capitalize on its vast opportunities. Learn about how WeChat advertising works (and how it can be effective in the B2B space), 2021 trends with the direction Tencent is heading in, and many, many more!


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