Lindstrom Case Study

September 2020 – Present

Introduction to Lindstrom Digital Journey

Lindström, a textile service company with an impressive 175-year legacy in the industry.

The Challenge Faced by Lindstrom

The company faced a significant hurdle in attracting inquiries within the Chinese market due to their limited online presence.
Realizing the need for strengthening their digital visibility to generate more leads, they sought our expertise.

Innovative Solutions for Lindstrom

  • The Gab team crafted a comprehensive strategy to unlock Lindström’s full online potential: SEO-Friendly Blog Posts: By skillfully employing SEO techniques, we created blog posts that strategically targeted relevant keywords. This approach not only elevated their search engine rankings but also significantly increased their online visibility.
  • Baidu SEM Services: Our team efficiently deployed SEM services, meticulously selecting the most fitting keywords and implementing a highly effective bidding approach.
  • Continuous Optimization: We diligently monitored and optimized the campaign to ensure maximum exposure and enhance lead generation efficiency, successfully reducing the cost per lead (CPL).

The Impactful Results for Lindstrom

We surpassed all KPIs set by Lindström.1st Page Search engine results: 69
Enquiries within the first 3 months :Exceeded
Acquisition target with CPL 30% lower.

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